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What will you receive when you purchase Great Barcode Generator?

We will send you a mail confirming your purchase after receiving payment from your side. Notification mail consists of instructions to be followed by the user for registering license key.  After receiving mail, you can easily install the full version of software and register yourself with a given valid license key to run your Great Barcode Generator product.

How can you transfer payment?

You can pay either in the following modes of transfer.

  • Secure Online Credit Card
  • Pay Pal
  • Wire Transfer
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Mail/Check/Money Order
  • Local Bank Transfer

Site License: 

What are the benefits of a Site License?
A Site License includes the following:

  • Unlimited installations at a single site.
  • One year of free upgrades
  • One year email support

How is a "Site" defined?
The license Agreement defines Site as follows:

"Site" shall be defined as a single facility or group of facilities in a single metropolitan area or close physical proximity. Separate Site Licenses must be purchased for each Site that does not meet these criteria. We retain the right to grant site licenses to organizations that do not strictly meet these qualifications.

However, a single site license can also cover an organization with fewer employees in multiple offices. Contact sales@greatbarcodegenerator.com for any questions regarding applicability.

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Video Tutorials

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Print Barcodes

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Barcode Generator print barcodes with predefined labels like Avery, Apli, Ace and others.

Export Barcodes

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Save barcodes as JPEG, BMP, and other images as well as copy bacodes labels in MS Word, MS Excel, etc.


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