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  Generates printable and scanable barcode labels using two step interface providing simple solutions for all industrial users  
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How to use Barcode Generator
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How to use Barcode Generator

How to use Barcode Generator

Barcode Generator is easy to use two step working software designed to generate best quality barcodes in few minutes.

First step is to Input Data and Set Format.

Barcode Generator provides 26 linear barcode fonts including Code 39, Code 11, Code 128, UPC A, UPC E, EAN 8, Codabar, Code 93, GS1 and others to make barcodes

How to use Barcode Generator

You can simply make similar barcodes or sequential barcodes in list through constant values or list values options. Barcode Software easily creates similar barcodes manually by entering data in Barcode Value, Text Above and Text Below.


How to use Barcode Generator

Barcode Maker can be produced sequential list barcodes by using Edit Data Sheet and Create list is used to add sequential data to sheet by manually entering values for prefix or suffix column.

How to use Barcode Generator

You can import values for Barcode Value, Text Above and Text Below externally from text or excel files using import list option

How to use Barcode Generator

Barcode Software includes print quantity field to set number of barcodes to be printed on single page by the user

How to use Barcode Generator 

Rows can be inserted or deleted according to the user necessities.

Edited data sheet is shown on above right side of the starting window.

How to use Barcode Generator

Customize Barcodes

Barcodes can be customized with different basic settings, text settings and advanced settings. You can adjust barcodes using basic settings such as width, height, background, color, rotation etc

Barcode Generator

Barcode value, text above and text below can be modified with any font, font color, size etc implementing text settings. Advanced settings comprises of bar dimensions including bar height, bar width and margins such as side margin, top margin etc.

Second step is to Print or Export Barcodes.

This step is used to print, save and copy barcodes.

 Barcode Generator

Print Barcodes

Barcode Software provides option to select any of the print alignments such as auto, manual and predefined label stock for high resolution barcodes.

How to use Barcode Generator

Different printer and paper including letter, tabloid, ledger, legal etc can be chosen to print barcodes according to the user needs.

Manual print alignment

You can easily set values such as number across, number down, label width-height, right margin, left margin, horizontal gap, vertical gap etc  using auto and manual print alignments

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Predefined Label Stock alignment

Predefined label stock alignment is used to print barcodes with Avery, Apli, Ace and other popular predefined label templates

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A variety of product numbers is provided for each predefined template for the user convenience. You can view label details including label width-height etc of Avery, Apli, Ace and other predefined label products by just clicking on label details option. You can also view print layouts of barcodes using print preview feature.

Save Barcodes

Barcode Maker allow to save barcode images up to 1200 image DPI in different file formats including JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF, WMF, EMF, EXIF, icon, MemoryBmp

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Copy Barcodes

Barcode Generator easily copied barcodes in MS Word, MS Excel, MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop and other applications for editing purposes. You can copy barcodes to clipboard image type including bitmap etc with user defined image DPI.

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About Projects

Barcode Generator also provides user with a single platform to save current project, create a new project, open an existing project by just clicking on save project, new project, open project shown on top of the starting window.

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Video Tutorials

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Print Barcodes

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Barcode Generator print barcodes with predefined labels like Avery, Apli, Ace and others.

Export Barcodes

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Save barcodes as JPEG, BMP, and other images as well as copy bacodes labels in MS Word, MS Excel, etc.


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