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Supported Fonts

Barcode Generator supports the following fonts:

Fonts Usage
Codabar Implements in photo labs, libraries, parcels, blood banks, medical purposes, FedEx air-bills etc.
Code 11 Telecommunication Machineries and Equipment.
Code 39 Non-Retail industrial applications, model numbers etc.
Code 93 In postal services
Code 128 Shipping and Packaging Industries, Inventory and Tracking Purposes,
EAN 8 Very small retail products packages.
EAN 13 Retail Product Marking .
Extended Code 39 In closed systems.
GS1 128 Products that are not tracked by retail point-of-sale (POS), cartons, information on coupons etc
Industrial 2 of 5 Distribution, Warehouse kind of Industries, Shipping, Sequential numbering on Airline Tickets and Photofinishing etc
Interleaved 2 of 5 Cartons, Containers, Corrugated Boxes, Pallets of goods in Distribution and Shipping, Freight sectors.
ITF 14 Shipping Containers, Tagging of cartons, Palettes or as Packaging levels of product etc.
MSI Plessey Tagging of storage containers, To marking of inventory products and shelves of retail houses, Warehouse environments.
PLANET United States Postal Services.
POSTNET United States Postal Office to encode ZIP information
UCC - EAN Products, palettes to allot batch or lot numbers and in retail industry.
UPC A Tracking of  products such as books, magazines, toys, drugs, tickets and lots of others in many countries but still widely used for tracking of retail goods in North America (Canada and United States) stores.
UPC E Tagging very small products, packages etc.